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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sublimation?

The chemical definition of sublimation is “the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase” (Wikipedia). The process of “dye sublimation” is when fabric dye is printed onto a transfer paper and then allowed to dry into a solid. This printout is heat pressed onto fabric—the solid ink turns directly into a gas and fuses into the fibers of the fabric. This process dyes the fabric in such a way that the fabric permanently absorbs the original, vibrant colors of the dye.

What kind of fabric do you guys use?

For our player jerseys, we use a stretchy jersey knit blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, the best on the market--AND--our fabric is knitted right here in the good ole USA. This gives a durability to our uniforms as well as a "stretch-ability" for that extra reach in tight situations. Our referee jerseys are made with 100% polyester in a clean, starched mesh look--also knitted here in the USA. All our fabrics are moisture-wicking, which means they will "breath" as you begin to perspire. Also, we don't use those itchy, scratchy tags .... we are "tag-less" so that you can have one less thing to irritate you during the heat of battle.

What are the advantages of sublimated uniforms vs. traditional uniforms?

There are several advantages! First, the possibilities of creating vibrant, unique designs becomes limitless with sublimation. Second, the opportunity to customize becomes much easier and much less expensive. Third, your lettering is literally part of the uniform and is not pressed on or stitched on.... this gives you a uniform that “fits like a glove” and has lettering with no edges that can peel off, rip off, or come apart.

Why don't you use sales reps?

We do not use sales reps in order to save you money!  All communication with us is done through this website and through email—you will be amazed at how much money this will save you.  You will also be amazed at how responsive we are.... you can email us at any time for any reason and we will answer your questions 24/7.

How do I order uniforms for my team/league?

Begin by going to our “Browse Our Collections” page. When you see a jersey/uniform style your team likes, select “Get an Artist’s Rendering” underneath that style. This will allow you to purchase an artist’s rendering for a small fee showing the jersey/uniform style you chose in your team colors and lettering. We will guide you from here, but if you’d like to hear about the entire process, keep reading…. After you purchase this rendering, you will receive an email packet from us to fill out and email back to us. At this point in the process you can email us your team logo (must be in vector format) or choose from our stock logos. Within 72 hours after we receive all the information we need, you will receive an artist’s rendering of your selected uniform. At this point, you will be allowed 2 additional revisions with no additional charges. Once you sign off on your jersey/uniform design (via email), we will send you a roster spreadsheet to fill out and email back to us. After we receive your team’s roster information, you will receive an invoice packet--your custom jersey/uniform kits will then be available for purchase through this website, either individually or by group.

How do we, as a team/league, purchase our uniforms?

You may PURCHASE your uniforms either individually or by group. If you choose to purchase individually, each individual may purchase using a credit card through this website; however, there is an additional $15 handling charge added to each individual purchase that is less than 10 jerseys/uniforms. If you choose to PURCHASE as a group or team (you will ALL save $ on handling costs), a team financial representative may purchase your order with a credit card through this website--we will send your financial representative an invoice with instructions on how to purchase for the team using a credit card.

What about shipping?

If you SHIP as a team to 1 address, the whole team will save money on shipping costs (it is much less expensive to ship a group of uniforms to 1 address than it is to ship those same uniforms individually to multiple addresses). You will be billed for shipping when you are invoiced--we will ship your order via UPS Ground service, unless you request and pay for expedited UPS shipping (all orders are shipped from Dallas, Texas). We will supply tracking information to you via email and email delivery notifications when your order is shipped. All shipments will require a signature at the time of delivery.

What about fill-ins?

Fill-ins are no problem! We can match any fill-in orders to your team colors and design with no additional art fees; however, there is an additional $15 handling charge added to any purchase that is less than 10 jerseys/uniforms and there are shipping costs associated with single individual orders as well--it's best to do your fill-in orders in multiples shipped to 1 address, if possible.

When can we expect to receive our uniforms?

Your team jerseys/uniforms will ship within 2 to 3 weeks after your final purchase date. Shipping time will vary depending on your shipping address.  We generally ship via UPS Ground service.  If you would like to expedite the shipping service, please let us know.